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Dealing with emotions during challenging times. For healthcare managers and teams.

Presented by
Roz Lindsay

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Here is what we'll discuss...

The brain's role in emotions when things get tough.

The reasons we respond the way we do in challenging times, and the impact that has on us and those around us.

Emotions are contagious too.

Understanding the mechanisms by which emotions can spread and what that means for us in healthcare at the moment.

How to help yourself regulate emotions and manage their impacts.

Techniques to help you notice, acknowledge and reappraise and emotional situation, as well how to manage this longer term.

How to help your team and colleagues.

Important concepts to ensure that we are supporting each other and helping with the impact of emotions.

How to help your clients/patients.

Understanding, empathising and helping others to take reasonable action even when emotions are high.

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About Roz Lindsay.

Roz is an experienced trainer, coach and facilitator with a broad background in customer service, management and professional development. She has particular interest in the neuroscience of human interaction, adult learning, and team performance.

Roz is on a mission to make it easier for healthcare managers globally to lead with confidence, so that their teams are positive, motivated and productive.

Having been in the healthcare environment for 25 years, Roz describes herself as a bit of a healthcare tragic - she loves the science, the business, and the service that healthcare brings to our communities.

Over her career, Roz has been veterinarian, healthcare leader and business owner. Her most recent venture is dedicated to providing healthcare managers with easy access to management and leadership development. Engage Your Healthcare Leadership supports managers with online courses, resources, and community.