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Building the team and getting results with 'psychological safety' in healthcare teams.

Presented by
Roz Lindsay

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Here is what we'll discuss...

Please note: this webinar is not a mental health or psychological resource.

The concepts explored are focusing on a workplace teams concept of human interaction.

Describing positive and negative leadership.

Exploring the behaviours and outcomes from different leadership approaches.

Defining 'psychological safety'.

Understanding what it means from a workplace and team perspective.

How the right environment can benefit individuals and teams.

Highlighting the different ways psychologically safe environments can be of benefit.

How to improve psychological safety in a team.

Core focus elements to consider when improving or maintaining the right environment for 'safety'.

Where to start.

3 actionable implementation methods to start the process of improving (or maintaining) psychological safety with others.

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About Roz Lindsay.

Roz is an experienced trainer, coach and facilitator with a broad background in customer service, management and professional development. She has particular interest in the neuroscience of human interaction, adult learning, and team performance.

Roz is on a mission to make it easier for healthcare managers globally to lead with confidence, so that their teams are positive, motivated and productive.

Having been in the healthcare environment for 25 years, Roz describes herself as a bit of a healthcare tragic - she loves the science, the business, and the service that healthcare brings to our communities.

Over her career, Roz has been veterinarian, healthcare leader and business owner. Her most recent venture is dedicated to providing healthcare managers with easy access to management and leadership development. Engage Your Healthcare Leadership supports managers with online courses, resources, and community.